Memorial Day

Good Morning Band!

Memorial Day and our first performances are nearly here! We start our day at the cemetery in Eckhart Mines at 9:45am. This is on Eckhart Cemetery Road, and the turn is right across from Yost Flowers on Old National Pike. Here is a link to a nearby spot on Google Maps: Our next performance is at Frostburg Memorial Park/Allegany Cemetery in Frostburg at 11am. The entrance is at the intersection of Green St. and Grant St.. Another link: Our final performance is at 2:00pm at the Rocky Gap Veteran’s Cemetery. Final link: This is the turn before the gate for the State park, and then back a few miles.

Our weather right now looks good, but there is no cover at Eckhart Mines or Frostburg. Rocky Gap will have cover for us and has a place for the ceremony to happen rain or shine. Please be at each performance at least 20 minutes before hand, 30 is better. We will move right from Eckhart to Frostburg. It takes about half an hour to get from Frostburg to Rock Gap.

Our performance attire is white on top, black on bottom. Please wear your band polo if you have one. BRING A STAND! Bring your instrument, music if you have it, clothes pins, water, sun screen, anything else you need with you. Parking is tight at all of these places so carpool if you can. My cell number is 301-876-5562 or 240-284-3663 (yes two for the same phone, either works fine) if you need to reach me for directions or something comes up last minute. Please make sure you’ve emailed me if you will not be there so I can pass it along to Dr. Horner. Also, no rehearsal Monday night.

See you Monday!